Culturally Responsive Teaching is a Powerful Way to Address Systemic Inequities


Unfortunately, current one-off professional development trainings aren’t going to lead to deep impact on instructional practice or the deeper learning our historically under-served students need.


Misconceptions. Myths. Negative Mindsets about CRT.

The solution….

Online PLC

Coming January 2022

The Culturally Responsive Education by Design Online PLC is a unique semester-long professional learning experience centered around building capacity and developing a solid instructional practice, in culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogy, that actually changes student learning based on the science of learning.

The program is grounded in the practical application of culturally responsive design principles and practices across subject areas and grade levels. It is designed to take your teaching practice to the next level.


How Does CRE by Design PLC Work?

This semester-long research-based, data-driven program is divided into three stages of transformation: Build the Foundation. Close the Knowing-Doing Gap. Cultivate Authentic Integration.

Each phase is built around the Ready for Rigor framework, and provides tools and guidance around culturally responsive practices, that transform students from dependent students to cognitively independent learners.

We leverage the structures and principles of collaborative inquiry to initiate deep transformation rather than surface-level multicultural window dressing.

Is This PLC for You?

This equity-focused PLC isn’t for everyone. The CRE by Design Online PLC is designed for educators who have read and studied the text, Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain, and have begun to seriously redesign their practice in one or more of the quadrants of the Ready for Rigor frame.

It is for teachers and instructional coaches who truly understand the “what” of CRT and need support with the “how.”

It is for equity-minded educators who are looking for coaching and community to get all the pieces working together effectively to see real student change.  

Here are some other readiness indicators:

You understand the primary ways that structural racism generates inequity in schools beyond individual implicit bias.

You’ve done a good amount of your personal “inside-out” work around implicit bias and are not looking for an Equity 101 course. And, you are committed to continued growth in this area.

You’ve developed a basic grasp of the science of learning and how the brain’s affective and cognitive systems work in tandem, to produce deep learning and learning transfer. 

You are looking beyond “one-off” culturally responsive curriculum or strategies and are looking to improve your ability to coach students to higher levels of cognition, critical literacy, critical numeracy, and powerful writing.

CRE by Design Online PLC puts all of the training and resources you need in one organized place.

CRE by Design curriculum and content teaches core equity practices grounded in standards-based instruction that meets most state and national professional development requirements. In addition, it connects you to a community of other like-minded educators.


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