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  1. Did you watch the video (sometimes 2) all the way to the end / black screen?
  2. Did the NEXT button appear?
  3. Did you leave your browser open for hours (or days) at a time?  This can cause your browser to “stick” and your progress won’t be recorded. Log out, turn off your computer, try again.
  4. Did you calculate the Module timing correctly? “You’ll spend 1 week in this Module” means 7 days IN the Module.
    EACH MODULE HAS UNIQUE TIMING – Please see the gray box below each Module Overview video.
    Example: For Module 1: You complete Lesson 1 on Feb 1. Add 7 days. You’ll be IN the module until Feb 8. You must complete all Lesson and Module Requirements, and THEN you’ll have access to the next Module on Feb 9. (Each Module has different minimum time.)

After you check all the steps above, if you think you’ve reached this page in error, please send details (what Module, which Lesson, or what page, and what results you are seeing) to support@crebydesign.com